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1000 Hman tam bikmi tongtluan

Mirang / Chin Muang Mirang tongkel

Across from the post office.

Post Office ih khat lam ah.

At 3 o'clock.

Nazi 3 ah.

Be quiet.

Dai te'n um aw.

Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Rawl dawr tha na thei lo maw?

Here it is.

Kha le.

Here you are.

Himi si ko.

He's in the kitchen.

Coka ah a um.

He studies at Boston University.

Boston Phunsangtlawng ah ca a zir.

How far is it?

Ziang tluk hla si?

How far is it to Chicago?

Chicago ziang tluk in a hla?

How many miles is it to Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania hi peng ziat a hla?

I'd like a single room.

Khaan khat ka duh.

I like to watch TV.

TV zoh ka duh.

It's delicious!

A thaw zet.

It's half past 11.

Tu hi nazi 11 le khuai.

It's less than 5 dollars.

Dollars 5 hnak ih mal.

It's more than 5 dollars.

Dollars 5 hnak ih tam.

It's near the Supermarket.

Supermarket kiang ah a um .

it's not suppose to rain today.

Tui sun ruah sur ding a si lo.

It's ok.

A poi lo.

It's on 7th street.

7th street ah a si.

It's really hot.

A hlum ngai ngai.

It's suppose to rain tomorrow.

Thaisun khi ruah sur ding asi.

I was going to the library.

Library ih ka feh rero lai ah.

I was in the library.

Library sung ih ka um lai ah.

Let's go.

Kan feh ke.



More than 200 miles.

Peng 200 hnak ih tam.

My house is close to the bank.

Ka inn bank kiang ah a um.

Near the bank.

Bank kiang ah.

On the left.

Keh lam ah.

On the right.

Vorh lam ah.

On the second floor.

Tthat hnih nak ah.

Outside the hotel.

Hotel leng ah.

Over here.

Hinah ah.

Over there.

Khinah ah.

The book is behind the table.

Cabu cu cabuai dung ah a um.

The book is in front of the table.

Cabu cu cabuai hmai ah a um.

The book is near the table.

Cabu cu cabuai kiang ah a um.

The book is next to the table.

Cabu cu cabuai lan ah a um.

The book is on top of the table.

Cabu cu cabuai tlun ah a um.

There are some books on the table.

Cabuai tlun ah cabu an um hnuaihni.

There's a book under the table.

Cabuai hnuai ah cabu a um.

We're from California.

California ihsi ra kan si.

What's the address?

A address kha ziang si?

Where are you going?

Khui ah na feh rero?

Where is it?

Khui ah a um?

Where would you like to go?

Khui tawk feh na duh?

Who won?

Zo in a neh?