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100 Mirang zirnak

Level 1
Lesson: 1
Where are you from?
Khui ihsin na ra?
Lesson: 2
Do you speak English?
Mirang tong na thiam maw?
Lesson: 3
What's your name?
Na hmin zo si?
Lesson: 4
Asking directions.
Lamzin suh dan.
Lesson: 5
I'm hungry.
Ka ril a rawng.
Lesson: 6
Do you want something to drink?
Pakhatkhkat in ding na duh maw?
Lesson: 7
That's too late.
A tlai tuk zo.
Lesson: 8
Choosing a time to meet.
Tawn awk ding can khiah dan.
Lesson: 9
When do you want to go?
Ziangtik ah na feh duh?
Lesson: 10
Ordering food.
Rawl cah dan.
Lesson: 11
Now or later?
A tu ah maw neta ah?
Lesson: 12
Do you have enough money?
Sum a daih na nei maw?
Lesson: 13
How have you been?
Na rak ttunghmun maw?
Lesson: 14
Introducing a friend.
Rualpi theihternak.
Lesson: 15
Buying a shirt.
Kawr lei dan.
Lesson: 16
Asking about location.
Hmun sut awk dan.
Lesson: 17
Do you know the address?
A umnak hmun na thei maw?
Lesson: 18
Vacation to Canada.
Canada ah vacation neih.
Lesson: 19
Who is that woman?
Zosi amah nu cu?
Lesson: 20
Common questions.
Thusut dan tlangpi.
Lesson: 21
The supermarket is closed.
Super markect an khar zo.
Lesson: 22
Do you have any children?
Fate na nei maw?
Lesson: 23
Help with pronunciation.
Aw suah zirh awk dan.
Lesson: 24
I lost my wallet.
Ka tangka bawm ka hloh.
Lesson: 25
Phone call at work.
Hnatuan nak phone ko.
Lesson: 26
Family trip.
Sungkua khual tlawng.
Lesson: 27
I went shopping.
Dawr ka kai.
Lesson: 28
What kind of music do you like?
Ziangvek awnmawi na duh?
Lesson: 29
Going to the library.
Library feh.
Lesson: 30
Where do your parents live?
Na nulepa khui ah an um?
Lesson: 31
Can you help me find a few things?
Thil malte in hawlpi thei ding maw?
Lesson: 32
Paying for dinner.
Zanriah man pe.
Lesson: 33
Buying a plane ticket.
Vanzam ticket lei.
Lesson: 34
Putting things in order.
Thil ret tthat dan.
Level 2
Lesson: 35
At the restaurant.
Rawl dawr ah.
Lesson: 36
I need to do laundry.
Puan ka sawp tul.
Lesson: 37
Finding a convenience store.
Tuktak dawr hawl dan.
Lesson: 38
Geography and direction.
Ramzuk le lamzin hawldan.
Lesson: 39
I ate at the hotel.
Hotel ah rawl ka ei.
Lesson: 40
Going to the movies.
Zuknung zoh.
Lesson: 41
The food tastes great.
Rawl a thaw zet.
Lesson: 42
Helping a friend move.
Rualpi inn thawn bawm.
Lesson: 43
Visiting family.
Sungkhat tlawng.
Lesson: 44
Looking at vacation pictures.
Vacation zuk pawl zoh.
Lesson: 45
Ordering flowers.
Pangpar cahdan.
Lesson: 46
Leaving a message.
Thu tanta.
Lesson: 47
Talking about the weather.
Niakhua thu sim.
Lesson: 48
Making plans.
Tumtah timtuah.
Lesson: 49
Meeting a friend.
Rualpi tawng.
Lesson: 50
I'm a student.
Tlawngta ka si.
Lesson: 51
Studying for exams.
Camibuai hrang ca zoh.
Lesson: 52
Did you get my message?
Ka thu cah mi na ngah maw?
Lesson: 53
Making a doctor's appointment.
Doctor tawng ding can la.
Lesson: 54
Lesson: 55
I have a cold.
Raibur dai ngah.
Lesson: 56
Dinner invitation.
Zanriah ei sawm.
Lesson: 57
Send me the directions.
Lamzin fehdan in kuat aw.
Lesson: 58
Bad cell phone reception.
Cell phone kai tha lo.
Lesson: 59
Going to the gym.
Gym feh dan.
Lesson: 60
Car accident.
Motor siat tawng.
Lesson: 61
Doctor's visit.
Doctor zung feh.
Lesson: 62
Making a hotel reservation.
Hotel cah cia.
Lesson: 63
I changed my mind.
Ka lung ka thleng.
Lesson: 64
Do you want to play a game?
Leh na duh maw?
Lesson: 65
Birthday present.
Suahni laksawng.
Lesson: 66
Checking into a hotel.
Hotel cek fel.
Lesson: 67
Sending a package.
Thiltawm kuat.
Lesson: 68
I have allergies.
Kaihlo mi ka nei.
Level 3
Lesson: 69
Josh works at a software company.
Josh software company ah hna tuan.
Lesson: 70
Listening to music.
Awnmawi ngai.
Lesson: 71
Taking a taxi.
Taxi la.
Lesson: 72
We're not lost!
Kan hlo lo.
Lesson: 73
Help me find my purse.
Ka tangka bawm in hawl bawm.
Lesson: 74
Taking pictures.
Zuk zuk aw aw.
Lesson: 75
I dropped your calculator.
Na calculator ka thlo.
Lesson: 76
I brought you an apple.
Apple pakhat ka lo leih.
Lesson: 77
My mother-in-law is coming tomorrow.
Thaizing ah ka pi a ra ding.
Lesson: 78
Jim cancelled the meeting.
Jim in tawn awk ding a thulh.
Lesson: 79
Bill got fired.
Bill hnatuan in an suah.
Lesson: 80
Nervous about surgery.
Surgery ding thlaphang.
Lesson: 81
A romantic story.
Ngai awknak thuanthu.
Lesson: 82
Worried about dad.
Pa thu thinphang.
Lesson: 83
I'm getting fat.
Ka thau sinsin.
Lesson: 84
I'll take you to work.
Hnatuannak ah ka lo fehpi ding.
Lesson: 85
Snowing outside.
Lenglam ah vur a tla.
Lesson: 86
Missed call.
Phone la man lo.
Lesson: 87
Shopping for a friend.
Rualpi hrang dawr kai.
Lesson: 88
What is your major?
Ziangsi na zir?
Lesson: 89
New apartment.
Inn thar.
Lesson: 90
Have you found a girlfriend yet?
Rualpi nu na nei zo maw?
Lesson: 91
Computer problems.
Computer buainak.
Lesson: 92
Do you know how to get downtown?
Downtown fehdan na thiam maw?
Lesson: 93
Did you see the news today?
Tuisun thuthang na hmu maw?
Lesson: 94
What's your favorite sport?
Ziang lehnak ha na uar bik?
Lesson: 95
Making a webpage.
Webpage tuah.
Lesson: 96
Would you mind driving?
Motor mawn pawi na ti maw?
Lesson: 97
Your English is so good.
Na Mirang tong a tha tuk.
Lesson: 98
Lesson: 99
Hril awknak.
Lesson: 100
Book club.
Cabu klab.