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1000 Hman tam bikmi tongtluan

Mirang / Chin Muang Mirang tongkel

11 dollars.

Dollar 11.

52 cents.

Pia 52.

A few.

Malte (siar theih mi simnak).

A little.

Malte (siar theih lomi-ti, caw hnawi tvp).

Call the police.

Palik phone aw.

Did your wife like California?

Nan nupi in California a ngaih maw?

Do you have any coffee?

Coffee nan nei maw?

Do you have anything cheaper?

Thil man ol deuh nan nei maw?

Do you take credit cards?

Credit card a hman theih maw?

How are you paying?

Ziang ti'n aman na pe ding?

How many people are there in New York?

New York ah minung ziang zat an um?

How much are these earrings?

Hi hna khaih pawl hi ziang zat si?

How much does it cost per day?

Ni khat ah ziang zat a man?

How much does this cost?

Hi mi ziang zat a man?

How much do I owe you?

Ziang zat ka lo bak?

How much is it to go to Miami?

Miami fehnak ding ah ziang zat a tul?

How much money do you make?

Peisa ziang zat na ngah?

I'd like to eat at 5th street restaurant.

5th street rawl dawr ih rawl ei ka duh

I don't have a girlfriend.

Fala ka nei lo.

I don't have any money.

Peisa fang khat hman ka nei lo.

I have a reservation.

Reservation ka nei.

I'll have the same thing.

Kei tla bang aw cekci ka nei.

I'll pay for dinner.

Zanriah hrang cu kei man ka pe ding.

I'll pay for the tickets.

Tickets hrang cu kei man ka pe ding.

I'm 26 years old.

Kum 26 mi ka si.

I need to practice my English.

Ka Mirang tong ka practice tul.

Isn't it?

A si lo sawm?

Is that ok?

Kha kha a tha maw?

Is there any mail for me?

Ka mail a um maw?

It's 11:30pm.

Tuhi nazi 11:30 (zan) a si.

It's is a quarter past nine.

Tuhi nazi 9 le minit 15.

Please come in.

Zangfah te'n ra lut aw.

Sorry, we don't accept credit cards.

Sorry, credit card kan pom lo.

Sorry, we only accept Cash.

Sorry, peisa fai lawng kan pom.

That restaurant is not expensive.

Khami rawl dawr cu a khung lo.

That's too expensive.

Khami cu a man khung tuk.

There are many people here.

Hi tawk ah mi tampi an um.

They charge 26 dollars per day.

Ni khat dollar 26 an ngen.

What's the exchange rate for dollars?

Dollar thleng man ziang zat si?

What's the phone number?

Phone number kha ziang si?

Where can I buy tickets?

Khui ah ticket ka lei ding?

Where would you like to meet?

Khui tawk ih hmuh awk na duh?

Which one is better?

Khui mi ha tha sawn?