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1000 Hman tam bikmi tongtluan

Mirang / Chin Muang Mirang tongkel

Are you here alone?

Hinah nangmah lawng maw?

Can I bring my friend?

Ka rualpi ka hruai thei kem?

Can I have a receipt please?

Zangfah te'n Receipt a ngah kei maw?

Can it be cheaper?

Man ol deuh in a ngah maw?

Can we have a menu please.

Menu kan zoh thei kem?

Can you hold this for me?

Hihi na rak keng sung thei kem?

Do you have any children?

Fa na nei maw?

Do you know how much it costs?

Ziang zat a man ti na thei maw?

Have you eaten at that restaurant?

Khami rawl dawr ah rawl na ei dah maw?

Have you eaten yet?

Na ei zo maw?

Have you ever had Potato soup?

Alu hang na in dah maw?

He likes juice but he doesn't like milk

Theiti a duh nan caw hnuawi a duh lo.

Here is your salad.

Hi nah na salad.

Here's your order.

Khale, hinah na thil cah mi.

How does it taste?

Ziang a bang? (ei le in a thaw, a thlum, a al tvp relnak).

How many people? (restaurant)

Mi pa ziat ? (Rawl dawr ah)

I agree.

Ka pom.

I'd like a table near the window.

Sangka te kiang um cabuai ka duh.

I'd like to call the United States.

United States phone ka duh.

I haven't been there.

Khami hmun cu ka feh dah lo.

I haven't finished eating.

Ka ei theh hrih lo.

I like it.

Ka duh.

I'll give you a call.

Ka lo phone ding.

I'll have a cup of tea please.

Zangfah te'n lakphak no khat ka in ding.

I'll have a glass of water please.

Zangfah te'n ti no khat ka in ding.

I'm from America.

America ihsin ra ka si.

I'm going to bed.

Ka it ding.

I'm here on business.

Hna ruangah si hitawk ih ka um.

I'm sorry.

Sorry si.

I only have 5 dollars.

Dollar 5 lawng ka nei.

I think I need to see a doctor.

Sii bawi hnen feh ka tul in ka ruat.

It's August 25th.

August ni 25 a si.

I understand.

Ka theithiam.

June 3rd.

June ni 3.

The food was delicious.

Rawl kha a thaw zet.

There are some apples in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator sungah apple tampi a um.

There's a restaurant near here.

Hi kiang ah rawl dawr a um.

There's a restaurant over there, but I don't think it's very good.

Khi mi lan ah rawl dawr a um nan a that tuk ka zum lo.


Cabuai kil nu.


Cabuai kil pa.

We can eat Italian or Chinese food.

Italian lole Tuluk rawl kan ei thei.

We'll have two glasses of water please.

Zangfah te'n ti no hnih kan duh ding.

What are you going to have?

Ziang na ei/in ding?

What do you recommend?

Ziangha tha na ti?

What's your email address?

Ziangsi na email address?

What would you like to drink?

Ziangha na in duh?

What would you like to eat?

Ziangha na ei duh>?

Where is an ATM?

ATM khui ah a um?

Where is there a doctor who speaks English?

Mirang tong thiam siibawi khui ah saw a um?

Which one?

Khui mi kha?

Would you ask him to come here?

Ra kir sal ding in na ngen thei kem?

Would you like a glass of water?

Ti na in duh maw?

Would you like coffee or tea?

Coffee maw lakphak na in duh maw?

Would you like something to drink?

In duh mi na nei maw?

Would you like some water?

Ti na duh maw?

Would you like some wine?

Wine na duh maw?

Would you like to go for a walk?

Lansiah na duh maw?

Would you like to watch TV?

TV zoh na duh maw?